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Best Blogging Platform for Beginners in 2019

Hello everybody today I will break down the best blogging platforms in 2019 for you to launch your first blog. There are tons of different blog hosting sites on the internet both paid and free but when it comes the best, there’s only few. I have cut down the list of best blogging platforms to 6. I will be discussing each platform individually, their pros, cons, pricing (if they do have one). Let’s begin

1. WordPress

WordPress requires self-hosting. WordPress is probably the most powerful platform for blogging on the internet today and it’s the reason it’s used in 33.1% of all the websites that are available on the internet (Source: https://w3techs.com). WordPress has got unlimited customizations, tons of themes and plugins that is why some of the top websites on the internet use it today
a) WordPress is fast and optimized after installing certain plugins which gives you fast load page times which obviously search engines (like Google, Bing loves).
b) You customize everything. You can have different sidebars, newsletters, opt-ins and being able to have plugins to do e-commerce.
c) You can install plugins like Yoast SEO, which allows you to have complete optimization of your website which is really going to help in the search engines
d) It’s being developed and updated on an ongoing basis. WordPress is always being updated.
a) It takes some learning and getting used to. You have to put in the time to learn the platform. Once you invest the time and learn it, then you’re going to be good start any type of blog, any type of website that you want
a) WordPress is absolutely free since its open source but you’re going to have it self-hosted which is why I recommend Bluehost.